Member Privileges

  1. To co-ordinate activities of Private Hospitals in Malaysia and to facilitate the delivery of a high standard of Healthcare to the public

  2. To promote the co-operation of individual Hospitals, engaged in providing Healthcare Services within Malaysia and to promote co-operation amongst Private Hospitals with other Providers of Healthcare.

  3. To make representations to and to co-operate with the Ministry of Health and other agencies concerning the delivery of Healthcare to the public and the promotion and preservation of health and prevention of disease.

  4. To exchange experience and information with other hospitals in Malaysia and overseas on the professional and cost effective management of hospitals, training of hospital staff, other medical matters, and to organize joint seminars, courses, activities, projects and services.

  5. To promote, develop and maintain a uniformly high standard of patient care, skills, services and professionalism in Private Hospitals in Malaysia.

  6. To ensure that patients’ interests are served and continue to receive effective, safe and appropriate treatment regardless of any changes in healthcare financing, payment mechanisms and organization of healthcare delivery.

  7. To educate the public of the services available in the Private Hospitals.